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As it concerns our relationship, Not Just Pulp Limited (also referred to as “NJP”) is primarily a platform to help creatives like yourself share/advertise your designs across a variety of media including but not limited to greetings cards, mugs, frames and key rings, for sale to prospective buyers.

It is important to limit our liability for the use and display of your designs. By registering as a Creator, you hereby agree with the above statement and undertake to abide as follows:

Copyright/intellectual property rights.
1. The Creator shall own and will continue to retain the copyright to the designs and “NJP” is hereby indemnified and absolved of any civil/criminal liability or claims on copyright infringement (and any other claims) from the use and advertising of the said designs from any third party.

Exclusive designs.
2. The Creator only presents to “NJP” exclusive design (i.e. a design whose imagery, caption, content or total outlook is not the same or substantially similar to a design already sold to or licensed by another).
3. The design already submitted to “NJP” is exclusive and cannot be sold on any other platform except on the Creator’s own website or via online marketplaces such as Etsy and Amazon, Selar, PayStack etc.

4. The Creator grants licence to “NJP” to use his design on their products (including and not limited to mugs, framers and cards) for sale on their platform.
5. “NJP” will create visibility for the Creator and every other artists on their platform, whereas the major responsibility of the performance of each Creator’s designs on the platform is theirs.

6. “NJP” shall pay the Creator after the sale of the product on its platform as follows;
a. Where “NJP” sell a product which feature the Creator’s design, the creator account shall be credited with a royalty amount based on the net sales value (being the amount which we receive for the product, minus 7.5% VAT). The royalty amounts for each product are shown below. Royalty amount for products sold at full retail price:

i. Greeting cards: 10%
ii. Mugs: 10%
iii. Frames: 5%
iv. Key Chains: 10%

b. Royalties are paid at the end of the month following the month in which they are earned. Due to bank fees the minimum monthly royalty payment we make is
5000naira, however if you don’t make this total one month then my royalties roll over to the next month.

7. All payments will be made to the account provided by the Creator and if need for a change arises, the Creator will communicate such request which will then be implemented at the next payment cycle following the receipt of the request by “NJP”.
8. The Creator shall be responsible for prompt settlement of his tax obligations to the exclusion of “NJP”.

9. “NJP” reserves the right to disable or terminate at any time, in full or in part and without further notice, the Creator’s account and his right to use our Services, and to remove and discard his Content for any reason. In particular but without limitation “NJP” has the right to disable or terminate if in their reasonable
opinion the Creator;
a. have failed to actively participate in our Services for a period of 365 days;
b. have failed to comply with any or all of the provisions of these Creator Terms;
c. have violated any other applicable regulations, guidelines or laws;
d. conduct is harmful or detrimental to Not Just Pulp or other Not Just Pulp users, our services or any third parties; or
e. have not accessed your account for a prolonged period of time.

10. You also have the right to close your creator account and terminate your use of our Services for any reason and at any time by serving us one (1) month notice by contacting us at

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